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SONIDOVISUAL is an audiovisual production company with more than 30 years of experience. We are not a voice, we are the whole solution for the sound of your projects. A studio equipped with the best technical means that adds the experience and professionalism that characterizes us to always achieve the best results.

If you have been part of our trajectory we thank you and we would like to continue participating in your campaigns and success. If we have not yet had the opportunity to show you what we are capable of, count on us.
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Recording Studio

Recording of radio spots, audio for television and film spots.
Recording of promos and commercials (teleshopping).
Voice-over for audiovisuals and internet (in all languages).
Lip sync dubbing, simultaneous translation and factuals.
E-learning voiceover, audio guides, audio books and audio description.
Online and offline PA systems.
Radio programs, podcasts and new formats.
Call centers and answering machines.

Digital studio equipped with Protools HD under Mac platform and mix with C-24 control surface, 5.1 multichannel environment with monitors and Genelec subwoofer. Neumann U87 and TLM 103 microphones in soundproof cabin (16 dB background noise) with image tracking screens. Previous Avalon VT-737-SP and M5. Masterizer TC Electronics Finalizer 96K. Table Yamaha 01v96i.

Editing stations with Protools under Mac platform and with control surface Command 8 / iCON Qcon Pro G2 USB DAW Controller, JBL monitors.

Production and Post-pro

Audio editing and cleaning.
Atmosphere and sound.
A.D.R. (Additional Dialogues Recording).
Music and library effects.
Foley sound effects.
Sound tracks editing and synchronization.
Mixing and mastering.
Adaptation to the media channels.
Voices made using AI.
Audio legal evidence retrieval service.

Sound is essential to achieve a good audiovisual production. The images are reinforced with an adequate soundtrack.

In Sonidovisual we sound the audiovisual from scratch: with a professional voiceover or dubbing, a musical atmosphere that transmits what we want, enriching with real sound effects or by foley and making a precise mix through the C-24 control surface of Protools.

Finally, we master our audio band optimizing it for the format to which it is directed (TV, cinema, streaming, internet) and achieving after all this process, the best results.


Sound recording in filming.
Capture of environments and sound effects.
Capture of environments and sound effects.
Follow-up of press conferences.
Rental of sound equipment for filming.

A mobile unit composed of technical operators equipped with Senheisser MKH416 and wireless lavalier EW 112 microphones, Cavisión poles, Rycote kit, Zoom LiveTrack L-8 portable table (8 tracks), Edirol R-4 Pro standalone recorder and Zoom H6 Pro portable recorder (6 tracks).

We provide our equipment, but also our specialization as pertiguistas operators for the sound taking on film, with basic post-production included.

Other services

Management of national and international speakers.
Management of special voices (actors, impersonators, celebrities).
Translation and adjustment, dubbing direction.
Translation and adjustment, dubbing direction.
Management of jingles and musical composition.
Music rights management.
Recovery of analog formats.
Creativity, writing and scriptwriting of texts.
Creation of projects.

We also undertake a whole range of services related to audiovisual production.

Our vocation is to respond to any proposal by resolving it effectively and satisfactorily.


Training is also an activity that we develop in SONIDOVISUAL.

Since 2013 we have organized different editions of our voiceover and dubbing course in different modalities: for adults, young people or children; Workshops in schools, online courses… We have expanded our training offer with “Audio description” courses, “Podcast” courses, “short films with mobile” courses.

A quality training, very practical and enjoyable, with good results in terms of the satisfaction expressed by the students.

Learning to voice and interpret in front of a microphone either in the recording of an advertisement, an audiovisual, a podcast, or dubbing of a take, is the objective of the course.

On Facebook and on our YouTube channel you can see the videos of our courses:

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